About the Project

Construction of the Ballston - Mechanicville Refurbishment has been completed. The Ballston - Mechanicville Refurbishment is an approximately 20-mile 34.5 kilovolt (kV) electric sub-transmission project. Most of the existing structures along the route were replaced, including the replacement of shield wire in some locations. The project is located between the Ballston Substation off of Route 67 in Ballston Spa and the Mechanicville Substation near Route 4 in the Town of Halfmoon, and will runs through the Towns of Ballston, Clifton Park, and Halfmoon, in Saratoga County, New York.

Features & Benefits

  • The project will replace aging infrastructure in Saratoga County with new, modern technology.
  • Electric system reliability will be enhanced by the refurbished line.
  • The refurbished line will meet the most up-to-date building codes.

Construction Schedule

  • 12/17/18 Construction Update:
    • Please note that there will be an approximately four (4) hour road closure at Kelley Farms Road between Monday and Thursday this week. Please use the Chapel Hill entrance if the road is close. More information can be found by clicking here.
    • Structures will be replaced west of Eastline Road, north of Round Lake Road. Structures will also be replaced off Eastline Road, south of Leah Court, in the latter part of the week.
    • Matting will be removed in the Chapel Hill area and south of the development. Matting will be installed south of Leah Court.
    • Holiday Schedule: There will be no work from 12/22/18 to 1/4/19.
  • 12/10/2018 Construction Update:
    • New poles are being replaced in the Town of Ballston from the Chapel Hill development south to Sweet Road.
    • Matting will be installed and removed on the right-of-way as the construction crews move into an area, replace the pole(s), and then move out of the area. This will apply to the Chapel Hill to Sweet Road area this week
  • 12/3/2018 Construction Update:
    • New poles are being replaced in the Curtis Lumber Industrial Park and along Eastline Road in the Town of Ballston.
    • Matting will be installed and removed on the right-of-way off of Eastline Road. Also, matting will be installed in the Chapel Hill development area off of Eastline Road in the Town of Ballston.
    • New shield wire will be installed between poles behind Christ the Savior Church off of Eastline Road.
    • Pole and matting installation (and removal) will continue next week down the right-of-way along Eastline Road. Additionally, matting will be installed entering into the western side of Curtis Lumber off of Route 67. 
  • Construction Update November 13, 2018:
    • Construction crews and equipment are mobilizing to the construction area, starting in the Town of Ballston near Curtis Industrial Park.
    • Matting is being installed on the right-of-way to allow for the movement of equipment. This is starting in the areas of Eastline Road and Lake Road in the Town of Ballston.
    • Structure replacement will begin mid-November to early December in the Town of Ballston.
  • August 2018 Project Construction Update:
    • Forestry work along the right-of-way will continue starting summer 2018. 
    • Sub-transmission line construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Herbicide Information

During the vegetation clearing phase of the Ballston-Mechanicville Refurbishment Project, National Grid will employ a variety of Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) techniques. Mechanical clearing, hand cutting, mowing and selective herbicide applications are a few examples of such techniques. This work will be conducted by NYS Department of Conservation-licensed contractors in site specific locations prescribed by the National Grid Forestry staff. The herbicide application – as part of a planned IVM program – will enable National Grid to create stable, low-growing plant communities that require minimal maintenance. The labels for each of the herbicides to be used can be found below.

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